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Reading Company Hoppers

Written by Conductor

Reading Co. HTc hopper #63577.

As "America's Largest Anthracite Carrier," hopper cars were probably the most extensive class of freight cars on the Reading.  However, these cars carried more than just coal.  Limestone, iron ore and sugar were also prominent commodities that were transported via hopper cars.  Clicking the links below will open the reference document in a separate window; clicking the camera icon (where available) will display a photo in a separate window.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have photos of the "missing" classes not shown below that you'd be willing to share, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

HTa-HTc 234000-235999
(leased to B&O)

HPa 42001-59950 HTa 79590-80999 HTb 60000-60999

HTc (1) 81000-81499

HTc (2) 63200-64999 HTd (1) 81500-85499 Click for photoHTd (2) 41250-41649

Click for photoHTe 41650-41849

HTf 86000-89999 HTg 79900-85999 Click for photoHTh 74500-78999

Click for photoHTj 72500-74499

HTk 61000-61863 Click for photoHTl 70500-72499 HTla-HTna 40800-40939

HTn 68500-70499

HTo 80000-80999 HTp 67000-67338 HTr 65000-65999

Click for photoHTs 66000-67999

Click for photoHTt 81000-81999 HTu 82000-82749 Click for photoHTv 83000-87999

HTw 60000-60999

HTwa 59885-59999 HTx 88000-88499 Click for photoHTz 40001-40400

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Did You Know?

March 16, 1969
The last train makes a stop at the Outer Station in Reading.


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